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“My pancake has tusks.” (wakes up a little) “That’s not right, is it.”

He didn’t wake himself up this time — it’s early and he’s actually asleep, not just dozing. Which is better, really. “I’m going to shut this place down, then I’m going to have a charcoal sandwich.” Secret agent? (Charcoal is an antidote for… something, right?) Bouncer? Rock star? Mobster? Cop? The possibilities are endless — […]

“RIGHT now I’m in scampi…” OK, so, I have to give you a little context for this “Crazy Crap” GEM. We’re strewn across the couch in a comfy heap, watching TV, I’m knitting, Chris is scrolling through Facebook. I will later find out that someone on Facebook has posted a picture of dinner, a behavior […]

It’s been a banner night here on the couch. We’re watching NASA’s Unexplained on the Science channel — did you know, by the way, that the surface of Mars can form dust devils up to three miles tall? I know. Well, something about the space mysteries, combined with a long, long day after a late […]

“Don’t shoot the turtle.” (Pause… looks at me, awake now.) “Did you just say ‘Don’t shoot the turtle?’” (Rubbing his eyes) “I think so.” “Do you remember why you said it?” “Yeah, because they’re on our side.”

Our scintillating evening: folding laundry and watching “Super 8”, which was AWESOME. I was on the edge of my seat — I have no idea how Chris fell asleep, but… “Lion and love!” “Lying and love?” “Lion. Lion and love.” “Okaaaay… lion and love. What?” (mumbling) “…putting them on the calendar and I don’t know […]