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I would just like to take a moment to say… I KNOW that I whine about some pretty high-class problems on here. In a world where so many people don’t even have enough food, complaining about having too much clothing comes pretty close to immoral! I would like to take this moment, therefore, to hype […]

So, I’m not sure this counts as an actual hack, because the sad news is that you still have to do the laundry. Which, pardon my Serbo-Croatian, sucks. I hate laundry. Hate. With hatred. I don’t mind putting in the washes, and I don’t mind flipping them into the dryer and then into the basket. […]

I really try to keep this blog minimally bloggy, meaning that I prefer not to make posts like the one I’m about to make, where I talk about the scintillating details of my personal life. Partly because my life isn’t all that scintillating — just one damn thing after another, just like your life — […]