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I wrote this for my sister’s blog, The Stacey Report (actually, I guess it’s my blog, about her. And cancer. Sounds like fun, no?) It’s a reasonable piece, but I’m not quite hitting the lynchpin idea — I’m talking around the feeling is fact/wrong feeling structure but not quite laying it out. Hmmm… hmm. Comments welcome. | […]

Getting Possum out of bed in the morning. (She does not take kindly to this.) (Ever.) Me: It’s time to get up, sweetie. She: No. Me: Yep! She: No. I quit. Me: You quit what, life? She (with great good sense): No. I quit everything I don’t want to do.

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And this is why I never finish anything… I mean, why I have heretofore finished fewer of my own things than I would like. (I always finish things other people are paying for — leaves damn little time for self-absorption. Which is probably ok.) We were in church yesterday (Unitarian, don’t be frightened) and during […]

this is a character background i wrote about Minna…  as usual, no clue whether this will show up anywhere. She didn’t see the beam, exactly, not the plain piece of wood. She saw the actions possible using the beam, the series of steps, leaps, flips, backwards up and around and SMACK down on the mat. […]