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Chris is reading the news.  “Oh, good. Britain is out.”  “Of what?”  “Syria.”  “Wait, JUST Britain?”  “No: The UN isn’t going to do anything because China and Russia hold vetoes on the Security Council.”  “Right, so that left us with…?”  “That left us saying, ‘C’mon, France, c’mon, Britain, you’re our friends, lets do this thing!’”  […]

(We are waking up. Well, Chris is waking up, I have been lazing and reading for a while.) Chris: Deb? Me: Yes? Chris: I’m just checking — the Supreme Court doesn’t hold sessions in a swimming pool, right? Me: Not to my knowledge, no. (Later: Possum has awoken and joyfully flung herself at us. Willow […]

Watching Dr. Who (10, bien sur) the episode where the interstellar engineering crew has snuggied itself up under a black hole and is then O so surprised! when they start getting pulled into the black hole? And then…  He: Yooooou… didn’t do it with a sponge… (he opens his eyes but does not move. After a […]

Actually happening at my house: Chris is pointing at Possum: “I’m not touching you!”, then actually touching her, then hotly denying it when she says, “You just did!” “No I didn’t!” “Yes you did!” “I did not!” “Yes!” (Hysterical giggling) “No, see, watch. I’m not touching yoooooou…” “You just did!”