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Possum likes to write songs. Mostly with brand new words. “I did it, I mid it, I kasid it… what does ‘kasidit’ mean?” “Well, nothing right now. What do you want it to mean?” “It means when an animal is shy, and you be shy too, and you say,” (in tiny little voice), ” ‘hello!’ […]

(This one is for Kir.) Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard Kay Ryan A life should leave deep tracks: ruts where she went out and back to get the mail or move the hose around the yard; where she used to stand before the sink, a worn-out place; beneath her hand the china knobs rubbed down […]

We embrace and collarbones clink like champagne glasses. We turn, bend, and ribs rattle a washboard percussion our hipbones grind and spark flint and stone you throw me down on the tinder and the whole damn place explodes. The volunteers arrive too late sifting the cinders for nothing at all.

You might be listening to some screaming. Maybe. Some babies don’t do this, some do, no promises either way, but this is just in case you get to listen to the screaming. It is important that you respond to the screaming by comforting your child and attempting to address any need that might be causing […]

Lentil and Tom


Long ago, I started writing a mystery novel called Murder at the Mercantile; I’m still working on it, of course, and every now and then a scene pops into my head and it’s much more engaging than whatever else I’m doing. The book may or may not ever be finished, and if it is, it […]