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Newsflash: Four-year-old children find the word “butt” endlessly hilarious. | “Mommy, I have a joke.” “Ok, sweetie, what’s your joke?” “Knock Knock!” Who’s there?” “Banana!” “Banana who?” “Banana!” “Banana who?” “Banana…banana bana butty butt butt!” | “Mommy, I have another joke.” “Lay it on me.” “Knock knock…” “Who’s there?” “Googalee boogalee.” “Googalee boogalee who?” “Googalee […]

Probably my favorite poem ever, and pure porn. The Cinnamon Peeler Michael Ondaatje If I were a cinnamon peeler I would ride your bed and leave the yellow bark dust on your pillow. Your breasts and shoulders would reek you could never walk through markets without the profession of my fingers floating over you. The […]