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Today I invite you (because I’m just like that) to consider the following mnemonic, a topic of some heated debate on Facebook today! (No, actually, I was the only one who cared. As usual.) “I before e except after c or when sounded like “ay” as in neighbor and weigh and if leisurely foreigners counterfeit […]

A number of you have said that you love hearing about Possum’s songs, but you’re just as glad to hear about anything she does. Or, in my sister’s encouraging words: “Write something, dammit! Hasn’t your daughter done anything cute lately?” Oh, sure! So this isn’t music related, but it’s a good clear look into that […]

Oh, you know I do! And while searching for a cheap-ass way out of buying yet more Shrinky Dink kits for my little pyromaniacs, I discovered a) any plastic with the #6 recycling mark on the bottom will do the trick. (Hit the salad bar!) and b) a link to this fanschmastic blog, The Art of Doing […]