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Hey, remember those old hippie protesters who used to say “We ALL Live Downwind”? OK, can we please stop manufacturing our own slow, painful deaths now? Trace Amount of Radiation Found in Massachusetts Rainwater Massachusetts officials are testing drinking water supplies after a routine sample of rainwater collected in the state showed low levels of […]

Feel like you’re facing down just a whole GANG of weekdays coming for you? Wondering what you were thinking that day you felt part of the color, the joy, the movement of life? Your brain is an unreliable narrator, my friend! And I can prove it. May I recommend to you, O Despondent One, the […]

It’s true! We’re all so besotted with Possum’s Valentimes Day witch that I had to get me a tee. And you can have one too! The quote is “I have fans!” which of course Possum has actually said. When I told her that I blog about her and she asked, breathlessly, “Mommy, do I have… […]