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We have a throw blanket that’s buff on one side and that white, fluffy fleece on the other. Possum draped it, woolly-side out, over the dog so it hung down to the floor on both sides. “Milo,” she said, “are you feeling sheepish?” She looked up at her Grandmother, very pleased with herself. “That’s funny! Don’t you […]

Attention Citizens of Earth! Your company does not “provide solutions.” A solution is not a commodity. If your website says that you are “the world’s leading next generation 360-degree solutions provider” then a) you are lying OR b) you don’t really know what you do, BUT IN ANY CASE c) you are a douchebag. 

Our scintillating evening: folding laundry and watching “Super 8”, which was AWESOME. I was on the edge of my seat — I have no idea how Chris fell asleep, but… “Lion and love!” “Lying and love?” “Lion. Lion and love.” “Okaaaay… lion and love. What?” (mumbling) “…putting them on the calendar and I don’t know […]

I was clicking stuff (like you do) and saw a reference somewhere to a modeling agency in London called “Ugly Models”. Well, how do you not click on that, amirite? So I did. They’re not UGLY ugly, most of them are pretty dang cute, but if you’re casting “the funny best friend” or “the pierced, […]