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I have entered this essay in The Great Experiment! I know, I know… it’s long, even for my loghorrific standards. But I think it goes somewhere interesting, if you’ve got the time to go along too. If you like it, please click over to The Girl Who and vote for me — there’s $175 on […]

Here’s Possum’s song for the day — sung to me from the top of the stairs, which I could NOT climb because it was her stage. | If the song goes down you will have a frown If something goes wrong don’t even think of a sad song If the song goes up bring your […]

A note to Flamby’s many fans: I am consistently surprised and pleased that this post is so popular — its very rewarding to see how many hits it gets. I should state right up front that I do NOT have the rights to Flamby’s portrait at the bottom — so if you’re copying this for […]

\ +++++++ Hey! Steve Perry! Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, buster. Listen, I’ve been doing some checking and you seem like a good egg: Warm… Goofy… And from my own “I’m married, not dead” perspective, nummy like massa sovada! Crinkles! The eyes of a man who knows how to laugh! I’ll assume you’re also a […]

We’re at the dinner table. The girls have been making ridiculous feather masks; one of these peeks around the corner. (A little Possum face peeks after it). “Booooooo! I’m a ghooooost!” “Eek, a ghost!” “What is your naaaaaaame?!” “My name is Mommy.” “My name is Aliciaaaaaa! How are you doooooing? Are you goooood?” And we […]

I’ve heard various interpretations — she’s mourning someone’s death, she’s distraught over Reverend Wadsworth, whatever. In my opinion, belittling this poem with crass context is nothing short of indecent. | 510 It was not Death, for I stood up, And all the Dead, lie down— It was not Night, for all the Bells Put out […]

Possom  (4 yrs old) is crying, and for good reason: the dog stepped on her bare foot. Me: (after hugs & kisses & boo-boo ice) It was an accident, sweetie, he doesn’t know he has claws. She: Oh. (pauses) I know! I could draw a picture of him. Me: How will that help? She: Then […]

I have a four-year-old daughter. She is amazing in many ways: she is a singer and songwriter (true fact!), and stubborn, and a big fan of questioning authority, and hysterically funny. She likes to climb up and hang on with both arms and legs, so I call her Possum. This morning, I asked her to […]

\ Thank you for your interest in my Steve Perry essays! They are alive and thriving in their new home… Chosen Madness Love, Lunacy, and Steve Perry | | |

A very few times in my life, someone has said something actually useful to me. When I was in my mid-20s (yes, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth…) my grandmother died. I was sad. She was old, she had been sick most of her life, it wasn’t a surprise… but I was still sad, and […]