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Any number of people have commented on the fact that my sister Stacey is the rockin’-est. And I generally respond with my favorite way to describe Stacey: My sister is like a pinata. She’s hard to get open… but there’s candy inside. And why is she hard to get open? Well… we’re Yankees, start with […]

On the rare occasion that my children say something less than perfectly courteous, I like to give them an opportunity to repent. I’m sure they are delighted to hear my rejoinder: “Or…?” Which means, “Yes, that is one possible response; OR you could give the civilized response, which is…?” One of my children is more […]

| I walk into our bedroom — the room is dark, and Possum is sitting by the window. I ask her what’s she’s doing: “Just looking at the moon,” (sigh…) “I remember those days…” (singing:) “The Moon is shining shining on me The Moon is never lying to me… ” | People, she is FOUR […]