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Excellent texts with my 11 yr old daughter Willow. Willow: can i have ginger ale PLZ PLZ PLZ 12:00 PM (There is very occasionally soda in our house. I do not buy it. I do harangue anyone who is drinking it, and ask if they want to see the pediatric obesity statistics. Again. They don’t. Also I […]

My neighbors, you all need to vote very carefully. And here’s why: Obama is the first president since Roosevelt to say “Wow — this is a huge problem. If we try to treat the symptoms we will a) fail, like always and b) pass this problem along to the next administration just as the last […]

… and that’s pretty much all we did in Girl Scouts. Girl Scout camp was ok — Camp Dorothy Carlton in the virtual hizz-ouse! Ahem. Anyway, all I remember about that is: Making Sit-Upons Sort of like this but for reals (do the kids still say that?) This lovely lady bought tablecloths and yarn for […]

If you’re like me, God help you. No! No no, heh heh, what I meant to say was: If you’re like me, you love a funny joke. But sometimes, don’t those jokes seem just a little too hilarious? Kind of overwhelmingly clever? Just a skosh overboard with the knee-slapping and whatnot? Boy, I’ll tell you, […]

Willow has a cell phone. We were not sold on the idea of getting Willow a cell phone — just one more way for the bad old world to insert itself into our baby’s head, thank you very much. But her world is expanding a bit, and she’s had to borrow her friends’ phones to […]