Code Name: Cuttlefish


What on earth…?

Well. I started in on Murder at the Mercantile one day and the character of Minna morphed into someone else. Well, thought I, I guess she’s different in this book… I kept going and realized that, no, she’s somebody else in a whole other book. And she’s like this, and she has a boyfriend who is like that, and they are a perfect fit because of thus and so and… Well. There’s a whole thing about that too.

So this is an experiment — a blog is the perfect place to write this because a lot of it is going to be aimless free writing to figure out how this thing goes, and I can tag everything any number of ways, including “Complete and Utter Crap”. Downside: you have to watch. unless you have a sick sense of humor and enjoy that sort of thing in which case that’s an upside.

And Cuttlefish? Well, one of the characters has Asperger’s, which is often characterized by a tenacious interest in one topic. I, personally, happen to be way into cuttlefish at the moment so what the hell, much more enjoyable research I’d probably be doing anyway.



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