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November is National Novel Writing Month. So what the hell are you doing reading this? Get out there and write your novel! More to the point, what the hell am I doing writing this? Well… I’m procrastinating, as usual, and I’m ok with that. I am not going to “win” National Novel Writing Month, or […]

My Fickle Brain


And this is why I never finish anything… I mean, why I have heretofore finished fewer of my own things than I would like. (I always finish things other people are paying for — leaves damn little time for self-absorption. Which is probably ok.) We were in church yesterday (Unitarian, don’t be frightened) and during […]

Because this is my first real attempt at writing something i can actually finish, I’ve decided (for the first draft at least) to use this nifty formula I foudn somewhere. Because here’s the thing: one complaint or criticism of mysteries, police procedurals, etc is that they are formulaic: the structure, at least, does not vary […]

What on earth…? Well. I started in on Murder at the Mercantile one day and the character of Minna morphed into someone else. Well, thought I, I guess she’s different in this book… I kept going and realized that, no, she’s somebody else in a whole other book. And she’s like this, and she has […]