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A note to Flamby’s many fans: I am consistently surprised and pleased that this post is so popular — its very rewarding to see how many hits it gets. I should state right up front that I do NOT have the rights to Flamby’s portrait at the bottom — so if you’re copying this for […]

this is a character background i wrote about Minna… ¬†as usual, no clue whether this will show up anywhere. She didn’t see the beam, exactly, not the plain piece of wood. She saw the actions possible using the beam, the series of steps, leaps, flips, backwards up and around and SMACK down on the mat. […]

What on earth…? Well. I started in on Murder at the Mercantile one day and the character of Minna morphed into someone else. Well, thought I, I guess she’s different in this book… I kept going and realized that, no, she’s somebody else in a whole other book. And she’s like this, and she has […]