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The response comes at midnight… Every dog has his day. He lays himself out full length (every day every day every day…) | below him she stands on a kitchen chair with a broom. | The rug against his face, he feels her anger through the floor — ragged echoes of the music he turned […]

No one could starve on this road the way you would. Wild grape vines scramble up the trees, late peas reach over the trellis. Pumpkins strain at the leash. And I think about the net of your attention, how plucking at intersections with such precision moves you so freely — and we are all pins […]

Carrion Crow


Watching you fly through fields left fallow kicking up cornstalks from last year’s harvest, your black overcoat in the wind very like a bird. This is the way it is as your fingers cross my palm and I step into your office the arrangements we make the lure of business.

We embrace and collarbones clink like champagne glasses. We turn, bend, and ribs rattle a washboard percussion our hipbones grind and spark flint and stone you throw me down on the tinder and the whole damn place explodes. The volunteers arrive too late sifting the cinders for nothing at all.