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[No, I know that this sounds like “Kids Say the Darnedest Things,” but it actually happened, for really real.] Possum (4 yrs old) and I are sitting on the porch:   “Mommy, I want to pull up a wok onto the porch.” “A what?” “A wok.” “A wok?” “Yes, a wok.” (Mommy is still confused) […]

ADHD Moment o’ the Morn: The bus is coming down the road. Dad says, “Put your shoes on, please, we need to be outside now.” Possum starts to put the first shoe on. * * * We’ve learned that when we ask our 8-year-old to do something, it’s best to watch and make sure she […]

Attention Citizens of Earth! I don’t ever want to hear one single word about how ADHD is overdiagnosed for perfectly normal childhood behaviors UNLESS you have had to break down the task of “Go brush your teeth” into redirectable steps as small as “put your foot on the ground.” What? But she’s such a bright […]

Me: Come on, sweetie, time to get up. She: I can’t. Me: Yes, you can. She: I’m glued to the bed.

We have a throw blanket that’s buff on one side and that white, fluffy fleece on the other. Possum draped it, woolly-side out, over the dog so it hung down to the floor on both sides. “Milo,” she said, “are you feeling sheepish?” She looked up at her Grandmother, very pleased with herself. “That’s funny! Don’t you […]

We are on an actual vacation in the White Mountains, monarch butterfly central for some reason. Possum met two particular favorites this morning: Orangita and Red Rosita. These two were flitting about a giant hydrangea bush near the playground; one of them (I forgot to ask the name) landed on Possum’s hand and sat there […]

I went to a parent-teacher meeting today about Possum. She is a genius, of course. But I was stunned by this particular nugget of genius — just a reminder, Possum just turned seven this month. Book I get lost in it. It is a jungle of words. The pictures are colorful and amazing. The pictures […]

Possum (holding a bell): If I ring this bell, that means it’s time for dessert. Me: Oh, I see. Possum: Yes, if I ring it once, that means I want dessert. Twice is time for lunch. Three times is for snack, and four is for dinner. Me: How about if I ring it fifteen times? […]

No, Possum didn’t actually confuse Wish with Witch, but she does say ValentiMes (I’ll correct her next year, I promise.) And she did, for reasons known only to herself, give her grandmother this picture for Valentimes Day. Happy Valentimes, everybody!

Possum and Daddy are playing Frisbee on the Wii: Possum: Daddy, why are you so good at this? Daddy: (shrugs) I’m older. Possum: And stronger? And bald? Daddy: (sigh of resignation) Yes, baby. And stronger and bald.