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He: That’s why I want the big one… Me: What in the…? He: (covers eyes, shakes head) You won’t believe me. Me: Give it a shot. He: That’s why I want the big… intern. To carry me upstairs to bed. Oh, and then there was just general hilarity because of COURSE that’s what he meant.

Those of you who get migraines have no doubt heard the (same, stupid) advice (over and over) that the best thing to do for a migraine is to lie down in a dark, quiet room. I want to make sure that those of you who do NOT have migraines understand that the dark, quiet room […]

It’s that time of year again, time for my annual re-posting of Christmas Among the Uptight Yankees. I used to do this because my sister Stacey liked it (SURELY the fact that it is all about her smarty-pantsedness had NOTHING to do with that…) Now I re-post it in her memory. This is our second […]

Emptying the Trash: Remove the full garbage bag from the can, leaving a bag-free can for the next person. Extra points if the next person is holding a dripping coffee filter.  Incorrect.   

As we know, my 8-yr-old, Possum, is exceptionally fabulous in many ways. She is also an ADHD kid, and a rare girl with extra H (most girls are inattentive). She’s very bright (and we have the tests to prove it) but has difficulty with a lot of practical things. We also know that I WILL […]

Watching “Sherlock” (Yes, again, shut up!) The Blind Banker this time, and we’re about to find out how Soo Lin Yao knows the killer: SOO LIN: He came to my flat. He asked me to help him to track down something that was stolen. JOHN: And you’ve no idea what it was? SOO LIN: I refused […]

Chris is reading the news.  “Oh, good. Britain is out.”  “Of what?”  “Syria.”  “Wait, JUST Britain?”  “No: The UN isn’t going to do anything because China and Russia hold vetoes on the Security Council.”  “Right, so that left us with…?”  “That left us saying, ‘C’mon, France, c’mon, Britain, you’re our friends, lets do this thing!’”  […]

Watching Dr. Who (10, bien sur) the episode where the interstellar engineering crew has snuggied itself up under a black hole and is then O so surprised! when they start getting pulled into the black hole? And then…  He: Yooooou… didn’t do it with a sponge… (he opens his eyes but does not move. After a […]

We’re watching a move called — I shit you not — SHARKNADO. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Chris happier.     

I am drinking the best cup of coffee I have ever had. Made by my handsome husband, of course. It was too hot at first so I let it cool and maybe for the first time in my life I didn’t get distracted and leave it too long, so when I picked it up again […]