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Possum (holding a bell): If I ring this bell, that means it’s time for dessert. Me: Oh, I see. Possum: Yes, if I ring it once, that means I want dessert. Twice is time for lunch. Three times is for snack, and four is for dinner. Me: How about if I ring it fifteen times? […]

No, Possum didn’t actually confuse Wish with Witch, but she does say ValentiMes (I’ll correct her next year, I promise.) And she did, for reasons known only to herself, give her grandmother this picture for Valentimes Day. Happy Valentimes, everybody!

Possum and Daddy are playing Frisbee on the Wii: Possum: Daddy, why are you so good at this? Daddy: (shrugs) I’m older. Possum: And stronger? And bald? Daddy: (sigh of resignation) Yes, baby. And stronger and bald.

Possum pulls Daddy’s baseball cap off and puts it on her own head. She pulls the bill down until the hat covers her face. She pulls it off: Possum: Daddy, you know what? Your hat smells like bald! Daddy: Uh huh. Can I have my hat back, please?

If you’re like me, God help you. No! No no, heh heh, what I meant to say was: If you’re like me, you love a funny joke. But sometimes, don’t those jokes seem just a little too hilarious? Kind of overwhelmingly clever? Just a skosh overboard with the knee-slapping and whatnot? Boy, I’ll tell you, […]

Willow has a cell phone. We were not sold on the idea of getting Willow a cell phone — just one more way for the bad old world to insert itself into our baby’s head, thank you very much. But her world is expanding a bit, and she’s had to borrow her friends’ phones to […]

Friends of ours have a son named Jake. Jake is awesome. We were playing a game at one of Willow’s birthday parties where the kids were dancing in a circle and choosing different animals for everyone to be. “A kitty!” one girl sez, and everyone dances like a kitty. (How much dance would a kitty […]