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I hate that song, actually, because the singer affects possibly the worst and most random English-like accent ever. I hate that. If you’re not Hugh-Laurie good don’t bother, that’s my opinion. But the title fits because for whatever reason I’m getting scads of hits, like FORTY a day! I know that’s chump change to a […]

\ +++++++ Hey! Steve Perry! Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, buster. Listen, I’ve been doing some checking and you seem like a good egg: Warm… Goofy… And from my own “I’m married, not dead” perspective, nummy like massa sovada! Crinkles! The eyes of a man who knows how to laugh! I’ll assume you’re also a […]

\ Thank you for your interest in my Steve Perry essays! They are alive and thriving in their new home… Chosen Madness Love, Lunacy, and Steve Perry | | |