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According to an allegedly stunning but actually sort of “well, duh!” statement from the Catholic Church, gay people have value. The twelve-page report also suggested that divorced people, unmarried parents, and the children of such non-traditional weirdnesses might also have some scrap of humanity. Not all of the synod’s 41 bishops agreed with the radical […]

I recently re-posted something about cancer on my Facebook page. And I’ll leave it there, because a few people “liked” it, so I’m glad it helped: Well meant, of course. Heart in the right place. But the more I read it over, the more it pissed me off. Cancer is not a battle. It’s a […]

Hey, remember those old hippie protesters who used to say “We ALL Live Downwind”? OK, can we please stop manufacturing our own slow, painful deaths now? Trace Amount of Radiation Found in Massachusetts Rainwater Massachusetts officials are testing drinking water supplies after a routine sample of rainwater collected in the state showed low levels of […]

I hate that song, actually, because the singer affects possibly the worst and most random English-like accent ever. I hate that. If you’re not Hugh-Laurie good don’t bother, that’s my opinion. But the title fits because for whatever reason I’m getting scads of hits, like FORTY a day! I know that’s chump change to a […]