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Chris: Morning, sweetie! Possum: Mmrlph Chris: What do you want for breakfast? (Stupid question, really — we keep thinking that this is the cue for her to say “Hmm, let’s see, then!” and make with the grub rustling. Ridiculous. We steel ourselves for, really, the only possible answer…) Possum: What do we have? (Usually our […]

Chris is reading to Possum from a book called “Mixed-Up Pups” (about different dog breed mixes). As I walk past, I hear: “This adorable Puggle is half Pug and half eagle. This happy guy is a Goldendoodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a cheese doodle. And what could be cuter than this Maltipom, […]

Possum is lying on her front across our bed, feet waving in the air, playing “Hungry Shark”. Chris is sitting next to her, offering sage advice: Chris: Oh, by the way, those aren’t the giant crabs — the giant ones are off to the left, way down deep. Possum: Oh, cool. (Possum perpetrates further shark […]

Chris nominated me for an “Actual Conversation”: Me: (affectionately) Oh, Hawthorne. You wordy bastard. Chris: Only at my house…

Chris: Look at this (on Huffington Post) “White Supremacist Home Defaced by Racist Graffiti after Revelations About His African DNA.” Apparently, the graffiti was done by members of his own white supremacist group. Me: Can you continue to be a white supremacist if you have African DNA? Chris: I mean, maybe you could find some […]

Willow (14) has taken to watching Supernatural. It is apparently about two suspiciously handsome guys wandering the earth helping a variety of suspiciously gorgeous young women rid themselves of ghosts and demons and whatnot. So, from the other room, I hear sort of Supernatural-y screams and moans and groans… then realize that some of the […]

(We are waking up. Well, Chris is waking up, I have been lazing and reading for a while.) Chris: Deb? Me: Yes? Chris: I’m just checking — the Supreme Court doesn’t hold sessions in a swimming pool, right? Me: Not to my knowledge, no. (Later: Possum has awoken and joyfully flung herself at us. Willow […]