Actual Conversations at My House: Spriglets


Chris: Morning, sweetie!
Possum: Mmrlph
Chris: What do you want for breakfast?

(Stupid question, really — we
keep thinking that this is the cue for her to say “Hmm, let’s see, then!” and make with the grub rustling. Ridiculous. We steel ourselves for, really, the only possible answer…)

Possum: What do we have?

(Usually our response is “Well, go look!” but I’m married to Chris, so sometimes…)

Chris: Lobster Thermidor with roasted truffles and skewered oysters on rosemary spriglets.

(Possum gives us her patented “There is something seriously wrong with my parents” look)

Possum: What the heck is a “spriglet”?

(I looked it up. Nothing is a “spriglet”. It’s not a word. At least, not until this morning. Take that, English!)


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