Actual Conversations at My House: A Good White Supremacist is Hard to Find


Chris: Look at this (on Huffington Post) “White Supremacist Home Defaced by Racist Graffiti after Revelations About His African DNA.” Apparently, the graffiti was done by members of his own white supremacist group.

Me: Can you continue to be a white supremacist if you have African DNA?

Chris: I mean, maybe you could find some open-minded white supremacists…


(Actually, I was wondering more about what happens to your mindset with a revelation like that but, as usual, his was funnier.)


2 Responses to “Actual Conversations at My House: A Good White Supremacist is Hard to Find”

  1. 1 jpotisch

    When I heard this story I was immediately reminded of the Dave Chappelle skit about the blind white supremacist who doesn’t know he’s black:

    • 2 dbancroft

      Chris’s “let’s take this to its ludicrous extreme” follow-up was wondering whether a black person who agreed with the white supremacist perspective could join the KKK. “Like, if you wanted to take down blackness from the inside.” This being just as theoretical as the first — I’m willing to bet there are precisely as many black white supremacists as there are open-minded white supremacists, which is to say, zero.

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