People Who Should Be Famous: Celia Ivey!


I was clicking stuff (like you do) and saw a reference somewhere to a modeling agency in London called “Ugly Models”. Well, how do you not click on that, amirite? So I did. They’re not UGLY ugly, most of them are pretty dang cute, but if you’re casting “the funny best friend” or “the pierced, tattooed girlfriend who freaks out the parents” or “the tall, gaunt butler,” this is the place to go.

So I’m checking these folks out and I am smacked in the head by THIS million-dollar smile. How are we not looking at this chiquita once a week on something? Her “talents” blurb says “Fire performer / fire eater/breather / body piercing / dancer / French / bed of nails”. Also, apparently, Sassy Pirate! What a woman!

Know a casting director? Photographer? Pass it on: Celia Ivey should be famous!


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