The Possum Chronicles: Butterfly Bush


We are on an actual vacation in the White Mountains, monarch butterfly central for some reason. Possum met two particular favorites this morning: Orangita and Red Rosita. These two were flitting about a giant hydrangea bush near the playground; one of them (I forgot to ask the name) landed on Possum’s hand and sat there for some time, warming her wings in the sun. 

Possum struck up a conversation about the butterfly hospital, where the butterfly’s uncle had been taken when a bee stung him on the wing. Apparently one can be sure of excellent care at the butterfly hospital. When we had to leave, Possum gave the butterfly her number: “617-322- 7, 8, 9, 10.” Walking back up to our rooms, I heard Possum making little beep-beep-beeping sounds. I looked back at her holding an imaginary object and typing with her thumbs. Yes. She was texting Orangita. 


One Response to “The Possum Chronicles: Butterfly Bush”

  1. priceless as usual.

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