“None Elocuted.”


Robert Downey Jr. had a schmabulous little line in  Good Night and Good Luck when an informant says “…no pun intended!” RDJ blinks and says, “None elocuted.” Because there wasn’t.

I have always always wanted to say that — but I know I never will because I would sound even more like a schoolmarm than I already do half the time, and because frankly I’m not that quick. I would always be worried that the other person would say “Uh… Emu? Xylophone? Get it?”


And I don’t get this either, which means it’s probably right in front of me and I haven’t had enough coffee, but for the life of me…


“The average size of an American woman is size 12 to 14. We know this.

And yet we are deluged daily by media depictions of skinny celebrities
and models that keep us on a perpetual diet.

Now, health is a good thing, but feeling bad about yourself is not — and
actually sends you to the fridge to compound the problem (pun intended).”


Compound?  Compote? Compost? Wait, pound? Pound cake? Pomplemousse? Pflounder?

I am more than willing to take my dope slap if anyone can explain a) what pun has been intended and b) why it is funny. (Note the mutual exclusion loophole — if I can’t see it right away, it probably isn’t funny. Oh… or I’m a dope. Nevermind.)


2 Responses to ““None Elocuted.””

  1. It’s a bad pun. “Compound” means comprised of more than one of something, and I think that what the author was getting at was that when women are shamed into feeling bad about themselves, they comfort eat, which only adds to–via weight–the problem, when what they want to do is to lose the weight.

    Pun fail, Style Goes Strong. Try again next time.

    That’s how I’m reading it, anyway. Of course, I AM a dope, so take that with a grain of salt.

  2. 2 David

    I’m watching Good Night and Good luck at the moment and Googled that very line to see if it made sense and it bought me here!

    No idea on the pun. For a start the line doesn’t make sense as eating does not compound the problem of weight gain or that of low self esteem. The author probably thinks it means something else and therefore thought they were making a clever pun.

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