Possum Chronicles T-Shirt!


It’s true! We’re all so besotted with Possum’s Valentimes Day witch that I had to get me a tee. And you can have one too!

The quote is “I have fans!” which of course Possum has actually said. When I told her that I blog about her and she asked, breathlessly, “Mommy, do I have… fans?” I replied, “Yes, baby, you do!”  She announced to whoever would listen, “I have fans!” and here we are.

And, yes, I do own www.possumchronicles.com. There just isn’t anything actually… there. Yet.

Shut up and tell me how to get a Possum Tee!

All right, all right! Sheesh.

Thanks to a special deal at VistaPrint, these spectacular gems of randomness are available in Adult Medium, Large, and Extra large for $12.00, XXL for $14.00. And they come in the perfect color for all you liberal pinkos and Unitarians, Befuddled Grey.

Here’s the trick, though — this special deal is only marginally special because a) once I place the order I can buy as many as I want, but then the price goes up to, like, $18 and $20. Which is silly. And b) I need all the money before I can place the order.

So send me a note if you wish to be the envy of your peers with a high-fashion Possum Chronicles Tee. I’ll put you on the list and tell you how to make payment, and when all has been gathered together (especially the money) the glorious order shall be placed and joy shall reign supreme! And plus we’ll all have t-shirts! Huzzah!

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