The Possum Chronicles: Possum’s Valentimes Day Witch


No, Possum didn’t actually confuse Wish with Witch, but she does say ValentiMes (I’ll correct her next year, I promise.)

And she did, for reasons known only to herself, give her grandmother this picture for Valentimes Day.

Happy Valentimes, everybody!


3 Responses to “The Possum Chronicles: Possum’s Valentimes Day Witch”

  1. 1 Amy Meneely

    My youngest still says “times” and she’s 9 and pretty smart. The problem is her older sister always corrects her, and that makes it a point of contention.

  2. 2 Janet

    It’s a fairy!!!

    • 3 Deborah Bancroft

      If Possum says it’s a witch, it’s a witch. Those are sleeves, not wings. And that’s a wand, not a… wand. And OK, that’s a wizard’s hat instead of a traditional witch’s hat, but it’s definitely not a FAIRY hat. I mean come ON.

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