The Willow Chronicles: omg im txtng


Excellent texts with my 11 yr old daughter Willow.

Willow: can i have ginger ale PLZ PLZ PLZ 12:00 PM
(There is very occasionally soda in our house. I do not buy it. I do harangue anyone who is drinking it, and ask if they want to see the pediatric obesity statistics. Again. They don’t. Also I do not buy the Fruity Pebbles.)
Willow: can i have ginger ale PLZ PLZ PLZ 12:00 PM
Me: Oh my god! Im dumping all that stuff in the storm drain! 12:08 PM
Willow: im kinda nauseous ginger ale helps 12:12 PM
Me: Ok, go ahead. Don’t let Possum see you. 12:39 PM
Willow: THNK U THNK U THNK U 12:41 PM
Me: MWAH! 12:42 PM
Willow: im drinking it in front of Possum and shes not freaking out 12:51 PM
Me: a AAaaaargh! What did i just say!  12:54 PM


Willow: try to guess where i am!!! 3:53 PM
Me: On the couch 3:57 PM
(Yes, she was texting me from across the room)
Willow: nope im in switzerland 3:58 PM
Me: Cool establish citizenship so we can emigrate 4:00 PM
Willow: okey dokey 4:02 PM

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