The Possum Chronicles: Kindergarten? How did THAT happen?


I never thought I’d say this, but…

No, actually, I totally thought I’d say this, and it would be really upsetting if I weren’t able to say this…

Today is Possum’s first day of Kindergarten.

This is O So Exciting, for any number of reasons:

1. Possum is a social creature and gets really cranky when she just lies around the house in a big heap.

2. Any child, all children, benefit from solid structure, and given that I am a flibbertigibbety kind of a person I am SO cool with letting someone else do it! I’ll take care of feeding and grooming and most especially BEDTIME. I’m a little weird about sleep. Are your children getting enough sleep? Mine aren’t, but it’s not for lack of trying: according to the schedule, Possum should be able to get 11 hours of sleep, Willow should be able to get 9. BUT, as we all know, “Man plans, God laughs, and the Tao…  uh… doesn’t actually notice at all.”

[Hey, what did one Taoist say to the other? Nothing!]

3. No more paying for preschool! And of course we just had to pick the good preschool, so this was not at all free. BIG improvement to the bottom line, there.

4. They come and pick her up. At the house. Then they bring her back. Also to the house. OK, it’s only for, like, four hours. But she is no longer dependent on me to get her anywhere on time, which:

a) is ridiculous. Really, I can’t in good conscience recommend me.
b) means that I now have time to… exercise! Yeah, I know I was supposed to be making it a priority and making time for it and Just Do[ing] It. But when’s the last time you did anything on that basis? But now I have just zero excuse… there’s an elliptical in the basement. There’s a TV in front of it. There’s a Law and Order episode on somewhere at every hour of the day and night — I think it’s a law. So the only thing stopping me is… writing this.


All right, I’m going! Sheesh!

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