The Possum Chronicles: Ninjas!


A number of you have said that you love hearing about Possum’s songs, but you’re just as glad to hear about anything she does.

Or, in my sister’s encouraging words: “Write something, dammit! Hasn’t your daughter done anything cute lately?”

Oh, sure! So this isn’t music related, but it’s a good clear look into that crazy little head.

Chris was trying to get Possum ready for bed, and she was (as usual) distracted by any number of absolutely time-critical concerns, like…

Well, like ninjas, of course.

“Possum, come in the bathroom and brush your teeth, please.”

“But Daddy!” (stage whisper) “Ninjas!”


“Possum, come and brush your teeth.”

“The Ninjas are coming up the stairs. ”

“I don’t care about the Ninjas, Possum, just get in here!”

“They’re going to get you!”

(exasperated) “Well, then, shut the door.”

I decided not to chime in with the fact that a closed bathroom door has never stopped even one single Ninja. Let him find out for himself.

4 Responses to “The Possum Chronicles: Ninjas!”

  1. 1 lara

    i love your possum stories. they really are little joys to read. i think these would make a wonderful little book, with cute pictures by a real children’s illustrator.


  2. Lara is on to something. I think this would be a cute children’s series, in the vein of the Ramona Quimby books. Possum is a little girl who makes up songs and gets into all kinds of adventures. Food for thought.

    • 4 Deborah Bancroft


      (although that is a good one…)

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