The Possum Chronicles: Flashlights and Flowers


The other evening Possum and I went out with a flashlight just as it was getting dark. She led me on a dark and twisting path through the (scanty) trees on the edge of the yard, then back out to the middle to look at all three stars (dang light pollution! My children have NO idea how many stars there are.)

Possum’s Flashlight Song

I light a flashlight

to see in the dark,

then I can really

be in the dark…

(Italics hers. Really.)


The next day we were getting into the car and I overheard this,

Possum’s Flower Song

Ding ding, dong

Ding ding, dong

If you like flowers sing sing along

If you like flowers sing my song

Ding ding, ding ding, dong!


OK, can we say “internal rhyme scheme” people?

On Sunday she was drawn to the room where the Youth Choir was rehearsing — the choir director asked if she liked to sing and learn songs. Possum said “I sing — I’m a singer — and I make up my own songs, too.”

The director gave the standard little-kid “Oh, really? That’s great!” as she looked up at me with that “Kids say the darnedest things!” expression.

I said “No, she’s serious, she’s a songwriter.” I must look like a responsible adult, because her expression shifted to “Hmm… store name for future reference.”

That’s right.

3 Responses to “The Possum Chronicles: Flashlights and Flowers”

  1. Possum is awesome! I absolutely loved the flashlight song lyrics.

  2. 2 Deborah Bancroft

    Awesome Possum — I like it. And I have to agree with you. She’s also giggly and annoying and cuddly and HORRIBLE and everything else an almost-five year old is supposed to be. (Thank God. Ultimately. Right now I could do without the HORRIBLE.)

  3. 3 lara

    i love possom’s song. she is wonderfully delightful!


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