The Possum Chronicles: There Goes Rhymin’ Possum


On the rare occasion that my children say something less than perfectly courteous, I like to give them an opportunity to repent. I’m sure they are delighted to hear my rejoinder: “Or…?” Which means, “Yes, that is one possible response; OR you could give the civilized response, which is…?”

One of my children is more familiar with this routine than the other. Guess which one. Hint: it isn’t this one:

Grandma: Do you want to eat your Mac & Cheese?

Possum: No way!

Mommy: Or…?

Possum: (just stares at me)

Mommy: OR you could say…?

Possum: (happily) Ko Kay!

Mommy: How about “No thank you.”

Possum: (genuinely confused) That doesn’t rhyme…?

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