The Possum Chronicles: Possum’s Moon Song



I walk into our bedroom — the room is dark, and Possum is sitting by the window. I ask her what’s she’s doing:

“Just looking at the moon,” (sigh…) “I remember those days…”


“The Moon is shining
shining on me

The Moon is never
lying to me… ”



Where the hell did she get “I remember those days…”?! What, those days when you were three and a half years old? (Actually, I’m pretty sure we’ll find that she saw it on TV, where else.)

Now, the mood she comes by honestly — years ago one might have said that the Bancroft line is characterized by an excess of melancholic humor.  This is about as useful as any other description, and more than most.

The songwriting. What do I do about this? I feel like she should be in a special program or something. Example: she has been very upset for the past few days, walking around banging on things with a wooden spoon, calling out to me:

“Mommy… do you have any drums in your room?”
“No, sweetie, no drums”
(Teary:) “But I need something that says BOOM! BOOM!”

It’s happened before: she has a sound in her head that she’s trying to get out. And believe you me, she will NOT rest until she finds something that says BOOM!


8 Responses to “The Possum Chronicles: Possum’s Moon Song”

  1. I would guess that you are in for a very exciting (and very noisy) couple of decades… And I wouldn’t know what to do exactly, but certainly find a way to foster that spirit and creativity. Musical prodigies have to come from somewhere.

    • 2 Deborah Bancroft

      My not-particularly-musical husband reflects that she’s pretty much in a musical program living here… last night we had a rockin’ version of the ABCs going on, with big sister on the bells, me on the guitar, and Eva on the potlids. Mind you, she was not just slamming the pot lids as any normal child might do; she and I had carefully chosen the potlids that sounded the best together, and she was just gently chiming them together on the beat.

  2. It sounds like when she does find a way to get the songs in her head out, you’ll find that you have a very talented daughter. Move over, Taylor Swift!

  3. 4 Deborah Bancroft

    Pleasde, PlEASE move over Taylor Swift! I have a 10 yr old as well (hmmm… what should her pseudonym be?) and if I have to hear “Love Song” one more time SOMEBODY is going out the window. (Uh… how do you throw digital files out a window?)

  4. 5 Deborah Bancroft

    Update: we have another verse, sung to Daddy as she tucked him in on the couch:

    You love me,
    the moon is shining bright
    everybody loves
    everyone in sight…

    • Pretty good! Yeah, Taylor Swift can move over. Listening to one or two of her songs is okay, but once you listen to them for the 50th time on the radio, it kind of makes you want to kill yourself. And by “you,” I mean “me.”

  5. 7 GN

    Now, I never did get any update on the Facebook thing, but found this by going to your “wall”, I believe it is called, although after watching (hearing?) your latest conversation, I’m totally sure I don’t understand anything. I do know that that child needs to be in some sort of musical program. Suzuki?

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