The Possum Chronicles: Doggie French Fries


Possom  (4 yrs old) is crying, and for good reason: the dog stepped on her bare foot.

Me: (after hugs & kisses & boo-boo ice) It was an accident, sweetie, he doesn’t know he has claws.

She: Oh. (pauses) I know! I could draw a picture of him.

Me: How will that help?

She: Then he could look at the picture and he would see his claws and he would know.

Me: Great idea!

She: Or… I know! We could buy “No Dog Stepping On Foot” nail spray and spray it on the doggies’ feet.

Me: Wow! That would be a great product.

She: OR… I know! We could get them doggie French fries!

Me: How will that help?

She: The doggies LUUUUUVE French fries.

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