I Love Steve Perry… and So Do You.



Thank you for your interest in my Steve Perry essays!

They are alive and thriving in their new home…

Chosen Madness
Love, Lunacy, and Steve Perry




One Response to “I Love Steve Perry… and So Do You.”

  1. 1 Kel

    I freaking love this post!
    I too am confessing my obsession to Mr. Steve “The Voice God” !
    If I were ever given the opportunity to meet this handsome 60 almost 61 yr. old (January 22,2010) man over coffee, I would be most interested in chatting about his behind the curtain involvement today with several musicians from all sorts of genres. I hear he is out there helping several bands.This has got to be such a thrill for him because I read about how much he enjoys the creative aspect of recording.
    I will however add that I do miss his voice and only dream of having a new recording of his voice soon, but I have pretty much realized by now that he is not very interested in recording anything new otherwise we would have been blessed with it by now. I hope and pray he is happy and is enjoying all life has offered him, because I treasure every song he has gifted me as a fan with.

    Happy Happy Birthday Steve!
    And Yes I do Love You!

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