My Fickle Brain


And this is why I never finish anything… I mean, why I have heretofore finished fewer of my own things than I would like. (I always finish things other people are paying for — leaves damn little time for self-absorption. Which is probably ok.)

We were in church yesterday (Unitarian, don’t be frightened) and during the sermon I had a flash about how to simplify the YA novel (a post-apocalyptic coming of age story! But not the apocalypse you’re imagining…) Anyway, out came the folded-up sheet of paper I generally carry, I nabbed the little golf pencil in the offertory envelope holder thingy, and started writing. I think I’ve blocked the whole thing out — I’ll write up a plot summary today. That will be a private post so none of you can STEAL my IDEA! Because you would, wouldn’t you? And the minister wouldn’t like that; I know because he said right in the sermon that… uh… something about not… being a jerk. Yeah.


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